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Interiors By Biku

How much does Property Styling cost?

How much does Property Styling Cost?

Interiors by Biku has an unmatched pricing approach with the goal to provide our clients with the most value. Each client has different needs for their homes and approach us with different budgets.

The advantage of partnering with Biku is our extensive global supplier list that provides flexibility to procure the right pieces at the right prices. Interiors by Biku is designed to work with the client and ensure that you are treated fairly.

We want to cater to our clients budget and lifestyles when styling their homes and crafting designs. Biku aims to be a decorating solution that provides designer style pieces sans the price tag that is associated with them. Each of our proposals are created from scratch and are entirely dependent on the work needed to be carried out. Unlike some other businesses, we do not believe in creating strict packages that include the bells and whistles you do not require.

Our interior design services are influenced by a few factors:

  1. Scope: Each project requires different constraints, resources, man power, creativity, craftsmanship, suppliers and more. The ingredients involved to produce some of our greatest work remains dynamic. The crucial aspects that determine the work involved for a client revolve around the ideas you wish to execute with your interiors, the areas of your home that would need changing and a wish list of all the updates required from the designers.

  2. Style: Every client is comfortable with and hopes to achieve a certain aesthetic in their home. The overall look and feel that you are trying to emulate influence the cost of the design. The specific colour schemes that you may have sourced from a Pinterest board, the images of furniture that you have seen online or on a magazine and all the other intricacies of the method in which you want to influence the styling process determines whether we can stay within your budget or possibly work around it.

  3. Timeline: The expertise at Interiors by Biku results in a commitment to perfecting the design of your home before or on the agreed timeframe. The consideration remains that good design takes time and manpower. The process emanates joy and is extremely rewarding to go through. But we understand that pressing deadlines are never under your control. These deadlines would require additional resources to work towards and thereby could influence the costing. A handy tip is to provide yourself as much lead time as possible during peak periods to avoid deadline issues caused by trade rushes amongst suppliers. But at Biku, we promise to work tirelessly to endeavor completing your design within the requested timeline.

  4. Budget: Lastly but most importantly; You have to decide the amount you are comfortable investing into the property. At Biku, we are extremely transparent and ensure you have all your costs presented to you. The cost of a design project is generally broken down into the costs towards furniture, construction and the fees charged by the architects, designers and landscapers. No matter your budget, Interiors by Biku will attempt to work within it.


$300* (rebated if you take up our services)

During this first consultation we work with you to establish the look and feel you are after, how each of your spaces are used, what stays and what goes, new product requirements, your budget, lead time, top priorities and any ideas you have. Our interior specialist will also spend some time with you looking at our preferred suppliers, to show example of furniture & decor that suit your design brief. They will then go around to each room, take measurements and photos for our design team to start on your project.


$250 (fixed rate)

As stage we present to you a vision board which will show you an array of products ideas as well as a suggested look and feel based on what was established/discussed at the consultation stage. This give you a great opportunity to provide honest feedback during a 60 minute complimentary Zoom call.


Charged by the hour

Firstly we create a simple tailored design proposal which will be broken down as follows; a. Sourcing of furniture & homewares through our preferred suppliers. b. Create a room board which shows you how all the selected items look and feel together. c. Present detailed cost proposal for approval so we can commence purchasing items *This stage is charged by the hour.

STAGE four - installation & decorating

On approval of stage three we will purchase all approved items. In the proposal above we will include furniture from our dedicated suppliers which allows us to unlock great wholesaler discounts for you. All furniture from our preferred suppliers, including Biku Furniture & Homewares come with a 3 year warranty.
If you spend the below amounts across any of our suppliers you will receive; - Spend 30K+, Receive up to 25% Off R.R.P - Spend 20k- 30K, Receive up to 20% Off R.R.P *Excludes some suppliers

STAGE FIVE - installation & decorating

If we are doing the project management, installation and styling for you, the below price guide gives you an idea of how much a full project may cost based on the rooms included in each package. Please note the cost below does not include the cost for any furniture and homewares. If further rooms are required in any package, a full cost proposal will be presented after the initial consultation. Please note the below prices are for services (styling & installation) only and do not include any products or sourcing of products. Sourcing is finalised in stage one.


Now it's time to grab a cuppa and sit back and relax in your new amazing home!
Invite friend and family over, your beautiful home is sure to linger in the minds of your guests as you enjoy your new surroundings.

As a guide, most of our customers spend $20-$80K, including sourcing, quality furniture &  decor and installation..


 If you don’t need a full room or house set-up we can work on a hourly based rate. Just fill out the enquiry form below to start a conversation.