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Coastal Elegance: A Sophisticated Sanctuary in Burleigh

Project Details:  

This project involved transforming a vacant, newly built 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom two-level home in Burleigh that previously failed to sell. Interiors by Biku was tasked with creating a sophisticated coastal interior that resonated with families seeking a modern coastal suburban home. 

Campaign Length: 4 weeks – Auction 

Turnaround: 2.5 weeks

The Brief: 

An agent approached us with a challenge to style a vacant, newly-built 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 2-level home in the picturesque area of Burleigh. Owned by a local developer, the property had been previously marketed with another agency for 3 months without success. Though styled before, it hadn’t quite hit the mark.

The Approach: 

In recognising the home’s contemporary coastal architecture and interiors of light timber cabinetry, neutral warm-toned ceramic tiling, and timber flooring, we knew our target was families seeking a sophisticated yet relaxed coastal suburban residence.

Our vision was to create an ambiance that enhanced the inherent beauty of the property, truly setting the stage for this magnificent build. The textures were rich, the tones organic and neutral, all carefully chosen to resonate with the coastal environment.

One of the standout features was the vast upstairs open-plan living area with towering raked ceilings, which required keen attention. We divided this space into distinct zones, each designed to meet the needs of a modern family. Textured rugs, furnishings, and oversized artwork filled this grand space, adding warmth and defining its multi-functional purpose.

Greenery from the neighboring park was mirrored inside, connecting the home to its natural surroundings and adding to the sense of a coastal suburban sanctuary. Every room was thoughtfully planned, turning the house into a flowing, relaxed retreat.

The Result: 

The transformation was astounding, as the house emerged as a carefully styled coastal haven, a testament to both its architectural excellence and the sublime beauty of Burleigh. The sale at auction for 2.45 Million was a resounding success, with the agent attributing the excellent styling presentation to the favorable outcome.

Robina House - A Property Staging Masterpiece

Project Details:  

Embarking on the captivating journey of staging a striking, architecturally designed 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom Robina residence was a stimulating and rewarding endeavor for the Interiors by Biku team earlier this year. 

Campaign Length: 5 Weeks 

Turnaround: 1 Week 


This comprehensive project encompassed furniture rental Gold Coast, delivery, installation, and professional home staging services, all seamlessly orchestrated within a tight 1-week timeframe. 

The Brief: 

Our objective was to artfully transform the space, unveiling the authentic allure of this magnificent Robina home, while maximizing its visual appeal to potential buyers through expert house staging. An integral part of this transformation was converting the existing office space into an additional bedroom, making it a 4-bedroom residence to increase the sale price. 

The Approach: 

Channelling our innate design intuition and leveraging our home staging furniture selection, we began by removing the heavy, dated mahogany furniture that detracted from the home’s innate elegance. We then meticulously curated a selection of contemporary and industrial-style furnishings and homewares, breathing new life into the property and showcasing its true design potential through our property staging experts on the Gold Coast. 

The Result: 

The metamorphosis was an undeniable triumph, infusing the Robina home with a fresh, sophisticated ambiance that captivated potential buyers. The clever transformation of the office into a fourth bedroom further enhanced the property’s value. The home swiftly sold at auction for an impressive $2.4 million on April 22nd, 2022, a testament to the transformative power of expert staging a property for sale and the distinct touch of the Interiors By Biku aesthetic. Allow your home to tell its story and unlock its potential with our unparalleled interior staging services. 

Miami Penthouse - Property Staging

Project Details: 

In this luxurious Miami Penthouse project, our team had a four-week campaign and a two-week turnaround to complete the home staging services. The comprehensive scope involved carefully selecting high-quality furniture and decor pieces that aligned with the desired aesthetic, as well as managing the furniture rental, delivery, installation, and overall styling of the space. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured a seamless transformation of the penthouse, showcasing its full potential to prospective buyers using our house staging expertise on the Gold Coast. 

Campaign length: 4 weeks 

Turnaround: 2 Weeks 

The Brief: 

Our discerning client was preparing to sell their extraordinary 863sqm beachfront penthouse, a true gem on the Gold Coast. This luxurious residence boasts jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, city skyline, Burleigh Headland, and the region’s picturesque waterways and lush hinterland. However, the existing furniture was outdated and monochromatic, calling for a complete makeover and transformation. 

The Approach: 

Channelling the essence of the Gold Coast, my team and I meticulously hand-selected home staging furniture, decor, and homewares to elevate the penthouse. We chose a transitional coastal classic look, harmonizing effortlessly with the property’s incredible surroundings and breathtaking views. 

This fresh design approach introduced a softer touch to the penthouse, creating a seamless balance between the awe-inspiring scenery and the interior space. 

The Transformation: 

The result was a spectacularly reimagined and transformed penthouse, showcasing the property’s full potential. Our expert property staging gold coast services, combined with the distinctive touch of our interior staging stylists, unveiled the true essence of this opulent beachfront penthouse. Now ready to enchant prospective buyers, the residence exudes refined elegance and timeless charm, proving the power of staging a property for sale. 

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