Interiors By Biku

Promotion Terms & Conditions

Interiors By Biku Interior Decorating Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion Details: Save up to $9750 on our Interior Decorating services. The savings are calculated based on a standard 4-bedroom home.

  • Minimum Spending Requirement: To qualify for the promotion, you must spend a minimum of $20,000 on furniture and/or decor at Biku during the months of December and January.

  • Promotion Period: The promotion ends on December 31st.

  • Additional Charges: If the minimum spending requirement of $20,000 is not met during December and January, a fee of $150 per hour will be charged for project work.

  • Eligibility: This promotion is exclusively available to new customers.

  • Proposal Agreement: Customers must have signed our proposal agreement to be eligible for the promotion.

  • Savings Variation: Savings will vary based on property size and the scope of the project.

  • Promotion Inclusions: The promotion includes a complimentary vision board, concept boards, up to 65 hours of project management, including goods consolidation, deliveries, and product procurement. Additionally, you will have access to an Interior Decorator to assist with selections throughout the service.

By participating in the Biku Home Makeover Promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please read and understand these conditions before taking advantage of the promotional offer.