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Interiors By Biku

Interior Design Projects

Project Details

Meriton Ocean Apartments, Gold Coast. A Coastal Luxe Masterpiece

It was a privilege to collaborate with Meriton on their exclusive Ocean Apartments project in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Our mission was to deliver a Coastal Luxe-inspired furniture and homewares package, all within an ambitious 4-week deadline, and we rose to the challenge.

The Vision

Meriton imagined a stylish beachfront apartment that embodied the essence of relaxed, sophisticated coastal living. Our task was to create a flawless fusion of luxury and comfort in a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom space, complemented by a generous balcony.
The Creative Journey Our design team began by curating inspiring vision boards that captured the Coastal Luxe spirit for our client’s approval. With a clear concept in place, we proceeded to select individual room elements that impeccably aligned with the desired aesthetic. Upon receiving the client’s approval, we sourced each piece of the package with great care, ensuring every item contributed harmoniously to the overall design. Our team then expertly installed and styled the apartment, transforming it into a breathtaking Gold Coast, beachfront sanctuary.
The Reveal The end result was a mesmerizing blend of contemporary luxury and coastal elegance. This partnership with Meriton showcased our ability to adapt and deliver extraordinary results within tight deadlines, while staying true to our signature approach to captivating interior design. We are honored to have joined forces with Meriton on this venture and look forward to our ongoing collaboration, further demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of interior design.
property staging bedroom by Interiors by Biku

Meriton's Iconica Sales Office, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Project Overview:

The Brief: Our task was to furnish, install, and style the sales office and display suite for Meriton’s latest development, Iconica, in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. The design needed to exude a Coastal Modern look while keeping in mind the commercial use of the office. The project required a quick 6-week turnaround and adherence to the specified budget.

The Approach:

To achieve the desired outcome, our team carefully selected furniture with clean, modern lines from our extensive list of suppliers. We focused on finding the right scale of furniture to create a balanced and visually appealing space, while still ensuring functionality for its commercial purpose.

To add a sense of luxury, we chose high-quality finishes such as marble, glass, hints of metal, and velvet. These elements, combined with the Coastal Modern aesthetic, helped to create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere in the sales office and display suite.

The Transformation:

The final result was a stunning, elegant space that perfectly captured the essence of Coastal Modern design. The Meriton Iconica Sales Office transformation showcases our ability to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines and budget constraints, while still creating a memorable, visually striking space that meets the needs of our commercial clients.