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Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process

A Comprehensive, Streamlined Design Process You Can Rely On

At Interiors By Biku, we appreciate that embarking on an interior design project, renovation, or designing new home can be both thrilling and intimidating. That’s why, with our Partners at 21k Design Projects, we provide a personalized approach to interior design services on the Gold Coast and Australia-wide, ensuring your project is a seamless and expertly managed affair. Our award-winning building designers and stylists meticulously analyze your property, taking into account local building codes and site requirements, to ensure your space achieves its full potential. Collaborating closely with you, our interior designers in the Gold Coast comprehend your vision and curate our designs to fulfill your distinct desires. With our transparent documentation and profound understanding of your needs, you can trust your design journey with our interior designers will be a bespoke, immersive experience from inception to completion. 

Discover Your Vision

Every interior design project is unique, reflecting the individuality of its owner and demanding a customized approach. Our process commences with an initial complimentary discovery consultation, where our interior designer Gold Coast team gains insight into the project requirements and your specific objectives. During this meeting, we encourage you to share your design brief and any particular needs, allowing us to better understand the scope of the project. Following this consultation, our team of seasoned professionals will provide a comprehensive scope of works and fee proposal, outlining project milestones, costs, and deliverables. Once engaged, you will have a dedicated meeting with your designer to delve deeper into your vision, addressing building-specific and lifestyle questions to ensure a tailor-made interior design experience. 

Pre-Design: Site Exploration, Research, and Feasibility Assessment

Our pre-design stage lays the foundation for your interior design adventure. Your devoted Design Manager will meet with you for a site visit if local, otherwise via Teams, and measure up to grasp the full scope of your project. In this phase, we: 

  1. Conduct a thorough site analysis, pinpointing promising opportunities and potential limitations, all while embracing a discerning approach inspired by a sophisticated design style.
  2. Subsequent to our meeting, we shall execute an all-encompassing analysis and feasibility assessment, bearing in mind your aspirations for the project. Our goal is to confirm the project’s viability and identify any possible anomalies or constraints before commencing the design process, infusing each step with an unmistakable elegance.
  3. When necessary, we will liaise with councils, town planners, certifiers, engineers, and body corporate authorities to achieve a holistic understanding of project requirements and regulatory compliance, all in a refined style inspired by a high-end design ethos. 

Concept Design Creation

Once your interior designer Gold Coast team member has thoroughly grasped your site’s requirements, we embark on the exhilarating phase of Concept Design. This stage involves marrying your vision with research analysis to create a tangible design outcome aligned with your aspirations. 

  1. In the initial Concept Design stage, clients are given the chance to review their first concept design by collaborating with their designer in an immersive 3D flythrough of the concept using our advanced CAD software, embodying a refined and sophisticated design approach.
  2. Our dedicated team will supply iterative concept design revisions, meticulously fine-tuning the design to ensure it flawlessly aligns with your expectations, all while maintaining an air of elegance and sophistication in the process. 

Interior Design Mood Board Evolution

Following concept drawing approval, our interior designers Gold Coast team proceeds with your interior design selections. We craft a mood board to showcase our intentions and recommendations, resonating with your design brief, vision board, and personal style. The mood board serves as a guide for selecting furniture, fixtures, finishes, and fabrics, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious ambiance. 

Preliminary Design Refinement

After approving the concept design our Gold Coast interior design team will meticulously develop your project’s details, seamlessly blending electrical selections, floor coverings, landscaping, furniture, and décor to create a harmonious and cohesive space that aligns with your approved mood board. During this phase, we will focus on the intricate aspects of your design vision, ensuring that every element comes together to elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space. 

  1. With Preliminary Drawings, clients are presented the opportunity to examine their design as a 3D visual render, displaying either internal or external projections of the design, all while maintaining a polished and sophisticated design approach. 
  2. Our dedicated interior designers Gold Coast team will supply iterative preliminary design revisions, meticulously fine-tuning the design to ensure every detail aligns with your vision and exudes an air of elegance and refinement. 

Curated Interior Design Selection

Entrust our stylist partners with the facilitation of sourcing and obtaining selections for all flooring, kitchen and bathroom tapware and hardware, curtains, and any other elements discussed in your approved mood board meeting. Our expert guidance ensures a seamless and curated experience, allowing you to focus on your vision while we handle the intricate details. 

  1. Upon finalizing the preliminary drawings and initiating the material sourcing process, our style team will arrange a meeting with you and our expert Interior Designers. In this meeting, we will present the refined vision for your space, including all specifications awaiting your approval. This collaborative approach ensures that your project is perfectly aligned with your unique preferences and expectations. 

Construction Design Realisation

The Construction Drawings Stage is where your vision materializes. After obtaining approval for the preliminary drawings, our interior design Gold Coast team creates working drawings for construction. This stage involves finalizing technical drawings, specifications, and schedules, as well as preparing comprehensive documentation for your contractor or builder to tender and construct. 

Furniture & Decor Implementation: Bringing Your Space to Life

As your project approaches its final weeks, approximately eight weeks before completion, our style team will initiate the process of obtaining all the furniture and decor selections, as discussed and agreed upon during the Preliminary Design Refinement stage. Once the build or renovation is completed, we project manage the entire process. Our interior designers Gold Coast team organizes professional delivery, professional picture hangers, and comes in to expertly install and style the property, ensuring a seamless transition from construction or renovation to the beautifully finished space you envisioned. 

Our curated process ensures a fluid journey from inception to completion, delivering a final design that not only meets your unique requirements and preferences but also withstands the test of time, providing enduring value and satisfaction.