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Meriton Ocean Apartments, Gold Coast. A Coastal Luxe Masterpiece

It was a privilege to collaborate with Meriton on their exclusive Ocean Apartments project in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. As award-winning interior decorators and property stylists, our mission was to deliver a Coastal Luxe-inspired furniture and homewares package for this Gold Coast property styling venture, all within an ambitious 4-week deadline, and we rose to the challenge. 

The Vision 

Meriton imagined a stylish beachfront apartment that embodied the essence of relaxed, sophisticated coastal living. Our task was to create a flawless fusion of luxury and comfort in a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom space, complemented by a generous balcony. 

The Creative Journey 

Our interior design team began by curating inspiring vision boards that captured the Coastal Luxe spirit for our client’s approval. With a clear concept in place, we proceeded to select individual room elements that impeccably aligned with the desired aesthetic, showcasing our expertise in interior decorating services and property styling packages. 

Upon receiving the client’s approval, we sourced each piece of the package with great care from some of our 200 plus suppliers, ensuring every item contributed harmoniously to the overall design. Our interior decorators on the Gold Coast then expertly installed and styled the apartment, transforming it into a breathtaking beachfront sanctuary. 

The Reveal 

The end result was a mesmerizing blend of contemporary luxury and coastal elegance. This partnership with Meriton showcased our ability to adapt and deliver extraordinary results within tight deadlines while staying true to our signature approach to captivating interior decorating. 

We are honoured to have joined forces with Meriton on this venture and look forward to our ongoing collaboration, further demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of interior decorating and our reputation as top Property Stylist Gold Coast professionals. 

property staging bedroom by Interiors by Biku

Meriton's Iconica Sales Office, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

We were honoured to partner with Meriton on their prestigious Iconica development in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Tasked with designing a refined Coastal Modern-inspired furniture and decor package for their sales office and display suite, our dedicated team of interior decorators and property stylists rose to the occasion, expertly navigating a tight 6-week deadline to exceed expectations.

The Vision: 

The Brief: Our task was to furnish, install, and style the sales office and display suite for Meriton’s latest development, Iconica, in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. As interior decorators and property stylists, we needed to exude a Coastal Modern look while keeping in mind the commercial use of the office. The project required a quick 6-week turnaround and adherence to the specified budget, while showcasing our award-winning property styling expertise. 

The Creative Journey: 

To achieve the desired outcome, our interior decorating team carefully selected furniture with clean, modern lines from our extensive list of over 200 suppliers. We focused on finding the right scale of furniture to create a balanced and visually appealing space, while still ensuring functionality for its commercial purpose. 

To add a sense of luxury, we chose high-quality finishes such as marble, glass, hints of metal, and velvet. These elements, combined with the Coastal Modern aesthetic, helped to create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere in the sales office and display suite, reflecting our commitment to excellence as interior decorators on the Gold Coast. 

The Reveal: 

The final result was a stunning, elegant space that perfectly captured the essence of Coastal Modern design. The Meriton Iconica Sales Office transformation showcases our ability to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines and budget constraints, while still creating a memorable, visually striking space that meets the needs of our commercial clients. This project highlights our reputation as top Property Stylist Gold Coast professionals, offering tailored property styling packages. 

A Warm and Inviting Home Transformation

We were delighted when our client entrusted us with the task of styling their newly renovated Gold Coast property. They envisioned a space that felt complete, warm, and inviting – a true reflection of their personality and lifestyle. Embracing this opportunity, our award-winning team of interior decorators and property stylists embarked on a journey to create a home that not only showcased impeccable design but also fostered lasting memories for our client and their loved ones. 

The Vision: 

Our client approached us after completing the renovation of their beautiful home, seeking our expertise in home styling to fully furnish and style the main living areas. These spaces included the lounge, dining, kitchen, and media rooms. With a budget built into their renovation costs, our mission was to create an inviting and cohesive environment that truly felt like home. 

The Creative Journey: 

Our team of interior decorators and property stylists on the Gold Coast meticulously curated each element, ensuring every piece harmoniously contributed to the overall aesthetic, taking advantage of our access to over 200 suppliers to find the perfect items. 

The Reveal: 

Upon the arrival of the final furniture pieces, our Interior Decorating experts completed the decor installation and skilfully styled the property in its entirety. The end result was a stunning, cohesive living space that exceeded our client’s expectations. They were overjoyed with the transformation, as their house now exuded warmth and felt like a true home. Eager to share their revitalized sanctuary, they looked forward to hosting friends and family in their newly styled haven, showcasing the expertise of our Property Stylist Gold Coast team. 

Private Residential Client: Benowa Waters, Gold Coast, Residence Makeover

It was a pleasure to collaborate with our private residential client in Benowa Waters, Gold Coast, on their residence makeover. Embracing their desire for a British Colonial/Plantation style aesthetic, our team of interior decorators and property stylists on the Gold Coast eagerly embarked on the journey to create a warm and inviting living space that seamlessly incorporated the client’s cherished Chinoiserie ceramics.

The Vision:

Our private residential client in Benowa Waters, Gold Coast sought to furnish and style their large, L-shaped open plan sitting room in a British Colonial/Plantation style aesthetic. The design needed to incorporate the client’s existing blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics, creating a cohesive and inviting space that would resonate with potential buyers and elevate their property value.
The Creative Journey:
To bring the client’s vision to life, my team and I began by designing a layout for the expansive L-shaped sitting room. We expertly zoned the open space by strategically placing furniture and rugs, creating distinct areas within the room. After suggesting a repaint of the walls, we were left with a beautiful blank canvas to start furnishing the sitting room in the desired British Colonial/Plantation style aesthetic.
We skilfully incorporated the client’s blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics, blending them with mixed-patterned fabrics, dark rattan furniture, and lush greenery to evoke a tropical atmosphere. Our interior decorators and property stylists on the Gold Coast leveraged their expertise in home staging and styling to create a visually appealing space that would make a lasting impression.
The Reveal:

The end result was a stunning, inviting living space that showcased the British Colonial/Plantation style aesthetic in perfect harmony with the client’s cherished Chinoiserie ceramics. The Benowa Waters Residence makeover demonstrates our ability to create sophisticated, visually striking spaces that blend diverse elements while staying true to the client’s vision and personal style. Our interior decorators and property stylists on the Gold Coast take pride in delivering exceptional results, ensuring that our clients feel at home in their newly transformed spaces and maximizing their property’s potential in the competitive real estate market.