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Interiors By Biku

How much does Interior Decorating cost?

How much does Interior Decorating Cost?


At Interiors by Biku, we understand that each client’s needs and budget are unique. Our Gold Coast property styling and interior decorating services are designed to provide maximum value while honouring your individual desires and financial constraints. 

What sets us apart as property stylists on the Gold Coast is our extensive global supplier list, which allows us to source the right pieces at the right prices, delivering designer style without the accompanying price tag. Each proposal for home styling is crafted from scratch, ensuring a bespoke approach that includes only the elements you truly need. 

The cost of our interior decoration services is influenced by several factors: 

Scope: Every project requires a different blend of creativity, craftsmanship, resources, and suppliers. The key aspects determining the work involved include your interior decorating goals, the areas of your home that need attention, and your wish list of desired updates. 

Style: Your preferred aesthetic plays a role in how much property styling costs. The specific colour schemes, furniture inspirations, and other design elements you envision help our interior decorators on the Gold Coast determine if we can work within your budget or suggest alternatives to achieve the desired look. 

Timeline: At Interiors by Biku, we’re committed to delivering exceptional interior decorating services within the agreed-upon timeframe. While good design takes time and effort, we understand that deadlines are often beyond your control. Tighter deadlines may require additional resources, impacting the overall cost. To avoid such issues, we recommend providing ample lead time, especially during peak periods when suppliers are in high demand. 

Budget: Ultimately, the amount you’re willing to invest in your property is essential. Our transparent approach ensures you have a clear understanding of all costs, broken down into furniture, construction, and professional fees for architects, designers, and landscapers. No matter your budget, our property styling packages will strive to work within its parameters to create a beautifully curated space. 

Embrace the art of interior decoration with Interiors by Biku, your trusted property stylist on the Gold Coast, and let us craft a unique and enchanting environment tailored to your budget and lifestyle. 



$360* (credited upon embracing our services)

In this immersive initial consultation, we delve into the essence of your design aspirations, exploring the atmosphere and functionality you envision for each space. Together, we'll discuss what elements to retain or revamp, identify new product requirements, establish your budget, lead time, top priorities, and any creative ideas you bring to the table. Our interior specialist will guide you through a curated selection of our preferred suppliers, showcasing furniture and decor that resonate with your design brief. Weaving a tapestry of style and substance, our interior decorators on the Gold Coast will meticulously examine each room, capturing measurements and photos as a foundation for our design team to commence their magic. Embrace the first step in your transformative journey with our property styling packages, and let our Gold Coast property styling experts awaken your inner design vision. *The consultation fee will be credited upon engaging our interior decorating services.


$250* (credited upon embracing our services)

In this stage, we reveal a curated vision board, reflecting an assortment of product ideas, and a suggested aesthetic based on our collaborative exploration during the consultation. This visual storytelling offers you a splendid opportunity to provide candid feedback during a complimentary 60-minute Zoom call, as we fine-tune the direction of your design journey. Our Gold Coast interior decorators and property stylists weave together your vision, creating a tapestry of elegance and personal style that embodies your aspirations. With our interior decorating services, we guide you through every step, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling transformation for your home.


Charged by the hour

In this stage, we craft a tailored design proposal, meticulously honing in on the finer details. Our approach consists of: a. Sourcing exceptional furniture and homewares through our preferred suppliers. b. Curating a room board that demonstrates the cohesive look and feel of the selected items. c. Presenting a detailed cost proposal for approval, setting the stage for purchasing items. *This stage of our interior decorating services is charged by the hour, as our Gold Coast property stylists and interior decorators dedicate themselves to transforming your home into a sanctuary that reflects your essence and impeccable taste.


Upon your approval of Stage Three, we proceed to acquire all the approved items. In our initial proposal, we incorporate furniture from our esteemed suppliers, unlocking access to substantial wholesale discounts for you. All furniture sourced from our preferred suppliers, including Biku Furniture & Homewares, comes with a 3-year warranty. As you invest in transforming your space, you'll be eligible for significant discounts off the recommended retail price, ensuring that your interior decorating journey with our Gold Coast property stylists and interior decorators is both exquisite and cost-effective. Please note that some supplier exclusions may apply.


As we oversee the project, installation, and property styling for your new sanctuary, our price guide provides an insight into the overall cost based on the rooms encompassed within each package. Note that these costs do not account for furniture and homewares. If you require additional rooms in any package, a comprehensive cost proposal will be presented following the initial interior decorating consultation. It's essential to remember that the prices stated are solely for interior decorating services (styling & installation) and exclude product sourcing, which is finalized in stage one.


The moment has arrived to indulge in the artistry of your property styling metamorphosis. Unwind and relish in your newly curated home, a testament to the skill of your interior decorators on the Gold Coast. Invite friends and family to share in the allure of your home styling, creating lasting memories as they appreciate the exceptional work of your property stylist.

As a guide, most of our customers spend $20-$80K, including sourcing, quality furniture &  decor and installation..

 If you don’t need a full room or house set-up we can work on a hourly based rate. Just fill out the enquiry form below to start a conversation.